Rudeness at Checkout Produces Confusion


An overly aggressive, self-obsessed, middle-aged woman at the checkout line at Sendik’s grocery store today irritated the man in front of her and nearly caused an unintended purchase.

The situation began when she entered the lane, reached over and grabbed the plastic bar used to separate customers’ groceries. She then placed it halfway up the conveyor belt long before the man in front of her emptied his cart. As items were scanned and the belt progressed forward, the man had less and less space on which to place the rest of his groceries. He eventually had to slide the plastic bar – along with some of the woman’s produce – back towards the woman, while grimacing noticeably in hopes that she would notice his displeasure. She seemed impervious to his glances and continued to unload her cart.

Toward the end of her scanning, the checkout clerk held up a bag of some bulbous, green vegetable that looked like a cross between a green bean and an eggplant. “What is this?” asked the clerk.

“How in god’s name would I know what that skanky-ass thing is!” the man thought. “I don’t think that’s mine,” he said.

“Oh, that’s mine!” said the irritating woman.

As the man finally checked out and was collecting his receipt, the woman pushed her way up and inadvertently nudged the man with her cart. “Oh, sorry,” she said.

“You can take your damn ‘sorry,’ roll it in a nice filo dough, bake it, put it on a plate next your phallic frickin’ vegetable and shove it all up your overbearing #*&!” he thought. “Don’t mention it,” he mumbled.

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