A STOP to Maintenance at Virmond Park?


If you haven’t visited Mequon’s Virmond Park recently, you may find two things that stop you in your tracks. The first will probably be the amazing number and size of the thistles, goldenrod and other weeds growing along the road and in the fields. Then halfway down the winding path to Lake Michigan you’ll encounter the second jolt – a stop sign at a spot where it seems the only cross traffic is an occasional goose or squirrel.

The stop sign features a sub-posting of “Ped X-ing,” which feels like the county’s under-the-breath excuse for why the sign exists. There is no real path that crosses at this point and no visible destination on either side of the road – no apparent reason why even a chicken would cross the road at this point. The only function this stop seems to serve is to give drivers and riders a chance to pause and shake their heads at the way Ozaukee County has chosen to spend their shrinking parks budget.