An Open Invitation to Idle Journalists


In response to the sad demise of great, traditional newspapers like The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the editor of the burgeoning new-
media newspaper, The Mequon News, has issued an open offer to the fine journalists who may find themselves currently disenfranchised.

“Tell us your stories,” says TMN editor Doc Benson. “We believe in giving the talented professionals, who have strived to deliver brilliant, investigative and insightful news for the public good, an open forum to share their ow
n stories and opinions.”

Benson’s initial offer was intended to be limited to articles for the Mequon Confessions section, which contains articles some critics characterize as “prurient exploitation pieces… public declarations of guilt and shame.” (Samples at He has since expanded the offer to include “any superior piece of writing with powerful consumer appeal.” This would presumably include serious investigative works, editorials, analyses and, of course, confessions of crimes, fetishes, and unusual urges.

“We live in strange times, indeed,” Benson declared. “I find no great satisfaction in watching our daily readership soar into the double digits while more seasoned and worthy journalists are forced to struggle to stay employed. But at TMN, we believe journalism as a profession will thrive again soon, and if we can lend a hand while profiting from the situation, then all the better!”
Despite dramatic growth in readership, The Mequon News is not currently profitable and cannot offer remuneration for any contributions. But reporters who wish to stay sharp, speak their mind and reach a wide audience are encouraged to inquire or submit manuscripts to The Mequon News through this website, at The Mequon News Facebook page, or at the Twitter site, @TheMequonNews.TMNfacebook320x320


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