Angry Mequonites Refuse to Shovel


After an overnight storm dropped up to four inches of wet snow in parts of Mequon, and as light snow continued to fall Sunday morning, Mequon natives were fed up with the idea of shoveling, scraping and plowing.
“It’s practically April,” said Andy Gilman of Thornapple Court. “A bloody avalanche could hit my driveway and I still wouldn’t shovel – just on principle.”
As one walks the neighborhoods and travels the city, the sounds of shovels scraping the sidewalk and plows in the driveway are noticeably absent.
“I’m just going to sit here, drink my coffee and read my Sunday Mequon News!” said Renaldo Schimmelt contentedly. “F&#% the s#*&.”
“That’s right. F&#% this s#*&!” screamed his wife Sandy Schimmelt. “I can’t f%&*#@ stand any more f@*#ing snow! I’d sooner %$#@ a %$@*# donkey than get out and shovel that &*%$#!”
With forecasts predicting more seasonably cold temperatures, rain and light snow for the rest of the week, moods in Mequon are not likely to improve soon.IMG_2703