AS-IT-HAPPENS REVIEW: The Highland House


I’m pulling in to the parking lot at about 4:45pm on Wednesday. My friend Wes pulls in seconds later –Tom and Corky are right behind. We’re meeting for a few drinks and a bite to eat at the Highland House, a popular pub/restaurant located on the corner of Port Washington Road and Highland Avenue.

The place has a warped Jimmy Buffet feel to it, with a touch of Fernando Valenzuela. In other words, it’s a mix of Mexican, Californian and Caribbean influences with sports channels showing on the big screen TVs. This is a rather large venue with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, but we choose a table in the bar area.

We’re not getting served right away, so Wes steps to the bar, orders four pints of Guinness and sits down. We talk about the business meeting we all just attended, and the waitress/bartender arrives with our drinks and a basket of warm tortilla chips with salsa.

Good, cold Guinness from the tapper. I’m so thirsty, I drain the first half pint in seconds. The chips are very tasty – it’s amazing how much better chips taste when you let them sit in a warming oven for a few minutes. Corky’s cell phone rings. It’s his wife. He decides not to take it.

Everyone’s glass is drained quickly and the chip basket is empty. The waitress comes right up with more chips and takes our order for another round. She seemed a little stern at first but now she’s quite friendly.

This Guinness tastes great. I’m not sure they’re pouring it by the book, but it really tastes good. Did I mention we’re on our third round? I like this place. Corky’s cell just rang for the third time. It’s his wife and he decides not to take the call.

It’s the end of our waitress’s shift, so we’re settling up. We’ll order one more round while she’s here, that way she’ll get a bigger tip. We’re pretty nice that way. This is a great bunch of guy, The best! I like this place.

OK. Here’s the first flaw I’m finding with this place. The music kind of sucks. Hadn’t noticed it until now, but that freak Cher just came on singing that horrible “Turn Back Time” song. It’s OK, we’re about to leave soon. No time to order food; some of us have to get home.

We just ordered one more round. We’re hammering out this great idea about renting a couple of campers for about six weeks and driving around the country – doing reviews, shooting video. It’s a million dollar idea. Don’t steal it.

I’m getting full and we have not eaten anything but chips. Corky’s cell just rang and he’s picking up. Oh man, he’s taking a beating from the wife. Now he’s asking if she can come pick him up and maybe give rides home to some of his friends that might have had a pint or a half gallon too much. Corky says she’ll do it but, for some reason, she’s pissed.

She’s here. We are outty here. On a scale of one to ten stars, I give Highland House 8 thumbs up! (I may have to come back to try their food and update this review.)