Benson’s 100th Article Celebrates the Centennial


In celebration of his 100th article written for The Mequon News, Doc Benson, editor of The Mequon News, wrote a special article honoring his achievement. In this 100th anniversary piece, he quoted himself describing the pride he felt in his amazing accomplishment. “I feel proud today,” he quoted. “Writing 100 articles may not require a great deal of talent, but it does take persistence and fortitude, especially when you’re not sure if anyone is really reading the stuff!” he half-joked.
Benson felt some pressure as he contemplated the subject of his 100th article, but experienced an epiphany after sharing a few glasses of wine with a staff member. “This will be my bloody hundredth article!” he declared. “That’s news!”
Although several of his 100 articles were no more than a paragraph or two about the weather – or introductions to video presentations – they still legitimately count as articles. And while some of his least popular articles were only seen by 30 people or less, some had views well into the triple digits!
“My inspiration comes from knowing some readers really dig my work,” Benson said for a quote. “I’d like to list some of the testimonials I’ve received in the next paragraph.”
For example, Benson’s article entitled “Seven Hot, Summer Mequon Rumors” received this comment from someone calling himself “How I Make $300 a Day Online”: Hey, great post, really well written. You should blog more about this.
Many comments roll in complimenting The Mequon News in general. Generic Cialis Lowest Price Discount Cheapest wrote: Excellent site. It was pleasant to me. Round Shaped Phentermine Tablet wrote: It is the coolest site, keep so!
Benson promises that he will do his best to keep The Mequon News “the coolest site,” and looks forward to pumping out hundreds more high quality and mediocre articles to keep Mequon amply informed, inspired, baited and hooked.