Biggest Snowstorm of the Year to Hit Mequon!!!


Although not a flake has fallen yet this early morning, local media “storm teams” are predicting the biggest-by-far snow storm of the year (thus far)! Mequon is expected to receive anywhere from 4 to 7 inches by sundown. ANYWHERE from 4 to 7! That could be 4. That could be 5. That could be 6.8! Dear, Sweet Mother of All Things Wet and Cold, what shall we do!?

Meteorological professionals are also predicting heavy winds, so there’s no telling where all this snow is going to blow. Some of it might blow into Mequon from, say, Germantown! That means mountains of Germantown snow will be inconveniencing western Mequonites and costing the entire city valuable tax revenue for clean-up!

There is a slight glimmer of hope on the horizon, however. Predictions for Friday indicate only a smattering of flurries and seasonably uncomfortable temperatures. Frankly, though, we expect better.