Cheers for Mequon!


So, like, there’s a totally rad new cheerleader training biz moving from skanky Thiensville to a whole new space in Mequon – thanks to some bitchin’ backflips by the Common Council and the MPC! (That’s the Mequon Planning Commission, in case you’re a total stooptard.)

So this gianormo storage building at 10448 N. Port Washington Road is now gonna be UCC All Starz. They’ll have cheer clinics and workshops and champion teams all over the place – it’ll be like a North Shore Babehaven with the finest, fittest squads ever!

So thank gawd they did all this rezoning and rule-changing stuff! I guess even the geezers on those boards know that the ‘quon really needs a spirit boost, ‘specially with this like bummer economy whatever. And, like, we need this more than T’ville ’cause they couldn’t cheer their way out of a shallow ditch anyway, let alone, like, a major honkin’ depression!

OK, so I think they’re open for biz here sometime in March – I just called them on my celly this morning but there was no answer! C’mon, UCC – let’s go!