Cold, Wet Weather Makes Planting Discounted Shrubs Unappealing


A local Mequon man sat inside his house Saturday morning – uninspired, unmotivated and slightly hung over. He looked out the window and saw the dozen potted shrubs he picked up last weekend at 85%-off, clearance prices. And although they begged to be planted before the snow flies and the ground freezes, he simply could not bring himself to grab a shovel and spend hours digging in the cold, soggy yard.
Recent reports suggest that while the plants remain in their small, cramped, plastic pot, the man is relaxing indoors, enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a danish.


  1. the ground is almost frozen and residents of wauwatosa that were promised shrubs by a local mequon man have been left out in the cold. why is this mequon man (who is hoarding all of the shrubs) so not motivated? inquiring minds want to know!