After a meticulous monthly review, it turns out that The Mequon News has passed along a few tiny inaccuracies in our January reportage. They are as follows:

In True Stories of Mequon Crime, TMN photography implied the daycare center offender was sporting a mullet. We have no confirmation of this, although one flustered employee recalled him as being “mulletty.”

In Eastern Mequon Declared Gluten-Free Zone, TMN estimated the gluten ban would cover nearly a quarter of the City of Mequon. The estimation was a touch high. There is no actual gluten ban.

In a posting entitled Things Overheard in Mequon, TMN quoted a woman who gasped, “Schotzie, mine little schnoodle! Why are your foots so muddish?” She was, in fact, slightly west of the Mequon border – in Germantown.

In all postings, the view count seen on the article pages is not always accurate. Due to a technical glitch some view counts default to “1.” We assure you, article views in TMN usually reach into the double digits after several days.

UPDATED CORRECTION: Article pages are no longer displaying erroneous view counts. In fact, they are not displaying view counts at all. Our gratitude goes out to the TMN IT team for another brilliant and timely fix.