Food & Drink Review: Centenial Bar & Grille


The semi-surly bartender pours a fine pint of Guinness
The semi-surly bartender pours a fine pint of Guinness
On a recent late Friday afternoon, several of our staff visited this popular Mequon pub to celebrate putting another issue of TMN to bed. The casual, old world charm of this historic landmark building was only slightly diminished by the large number of patrons blocking access to the bar. Luckily, a couple of stools opened as we passed, so we bellied up and ordered pints of Guinness Draughts.
The bartender, whose name we learned and promptly forgot, made up for a cloudy demeanor with exceptional pouring skills. He properly tilted each glass, partially poured, paused, then topped them off – all by the book. We thanked him, he grunted, and we drank. The brews were excellent – frothy, cold, full-flavored and satisfying.
The experience became warmer and more amusing as time passed. A steady flow of to-go customers picking up their fish fries provided sporting entertainment – there’s nothing like making fun of vaguely familiar neighbors as they pass. After eavesdropping for a time, our surly bartender even joined in and held his own nicely. For fine refreshments in a classic, suburban-casual atmosphere, we give The Centennial 4 stars out of 5!
What about the food? Well, on this trip, we never really got around to eating. Next time, we’ll make a point of it, yeah? Cheers!