June 25, 2022

We ARE Mequon!

No County for Old Meds

Four counties in the metro Milwaukee area have banded together to help citizens safely dispose of expired medications – because, really, what county would...

Distorted Bryan Cranston Excuses Himself from Red Carpet

A usually composed and dapper Bryan Cranston appeared heavily distorted and unfocused on the red carpet at the world premiere of Trumbo this evening. He...

Biggest Snowstorm of the Year to Hit Mequon!!!

Although not a flake has fallen yet this early morning, local media "storm teams" are predicting the biggest-by-far snow storm of the year (thus...

Canine Unit Controls Rowdy Celebrations

Mequon's investment in establishing a crackerjack canine department has paid off this weekend during the 105th Harley-Davidson Anniversary Celebration. Crowd control, which has always...


The financial team at TMN has compiled this list of eight portents of a rough economic ride in Mequon’s future.

North Shore Cinema Will Be Kind of a Big Deal

Marcus Theatres® proudly announced today that its North Shore Cinema in Mequon will soon become a big, fat destination for metro Milwaukee's entertainment dollar....

Get Out and Vote, Mequon!

Sure, this election may not be presidential, or even gubernatorial, but it remains the responsibility of all good suburban citizens to participate. With an...

True Stories of MEQUON CRIME! ...

It’s the first week of the new year and things aren’t starting out well. They expected a quiet Thursday afternoon at this little daycare...

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Cheers for Mequon!

So, like, there's a totally rad new cheerleader training biz moving from skanky Thiensville to a whole new space in Mequon – thanks to...

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Taddo Tales: Snickers

TMN Video Comics SectionHow does it feel when someone's laughing behind your furry little back? Another fantastically disturbing Michael Dimilo cartoon, kids!

Let’s Take Out This Prickly Dipsacus!

TEASEL TAKE-OUT DAY is April 23, 2016Everybody talks about teasel but nobody ever seems to do anything about it.Well, the Interact Club of Homestead...

A Bumper Crop of Garlic Mustard

A confused Mequon gardener announced on Wednesday that he had raised "the most awesome crop of garlic mustard ever" in his herb garden. At...