March 21, 2023

True Stories of MEQUON CRIME: Lifting Spirits High

It was a Monday in late January when this punk of 23 and his 21-year-old floozy, both from Milwaukee, decide to start the week...


After a meticulous monthly review, it turns out that The Mequon News has passed along a few tiny inaccuracies in our January reportage. They...

Angry Mequonites Refuse to Shovel

After an overnight storm dropped up to four inches of wet snow in parts of Mequon, and as light snow continued to fall Sunday...

VOTE MEQUON to Address Injustice!

The surveys have arrived and the race has begun. It's Mequon vs. Thiensville for the "Actual City" name for the 53092 ZIP Code.So what...

Let’s Take Out This Prickly Dipsacus!

TEASEL TAKE-OUT DAY is April 23, 2016Everybody talks about teasel but nobody ever seems to do anything about it.Well, the Interact Club of Homestead...

The TMN 2009 Out/In List

Need to know what’s dyin’ and what’s flyin’ in ’09? The trendspotters at TMN have researched and documented these ten top trends so you...

“This Is Not June!” Declares Mequon Conspiracy Buff

Everyone complains about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it – except for Mequon resident Warren Rauchoff, that is. Rauchoff...

Get Out and Vote, Mequon!

Sure, this election may not be presidential, or even gubernatorial, but it remains the responsibility of all good suburban citizens to participate. With an...

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In the Garden Gnome More

Somewhere, stashed away in a locker, a basement, or the trunk of a car, lay seven downcast garden gnomes, spirited away from their happy...

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Mequon Cat Addicted to iPad

It’s a summer day in Mequon and there’s plenty to do outside – chase field mice, climb trees, catch bugs, lick yourself in the...

MEQUONOMICS: Wines Decline, Brews Lose

With the closing of Grapes & Grain, perhaps the premium wine and liquor store in Mequon, the community suffers a sharp, swift blow to...

Snipers Set to “Neutralize” Virmond Park Deer

There’s a growing danger inside Virmond Park. It’s the scourge of every suburban homeowner who’s ever planted a decorative shrub or hired a band...