December 9, 2022

Ozaukee County to Celebrate Another “Keep It in Your Pants” Day

While the rest of the country may be celebrating Valentine’s Day, people in Ozaukee County should be celebrating abstinence. That’s what the Ozaukee County...

BRUNCH REVIEW: Pandl’s in Bayside

Well, seeing as I was headed to the ol’ Pandl’s in Bayside for brunch with the missus anyway, I promised my ol’ mate Benson...

Food & Drink Review: Centenial Bar & Grille

On a recent late Friday afternoon, several of our staff visited this popular Mequon pub to celebrate putting another issue of TMN to bed....

Trick-or-Treat, Mequon!

The annual Halloween tradition known as Trick-or-Treat takes place in Mequon on October 31, 2010, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. In order to ensure treats...

Ozaukee County May Get New “Waterboard Park”

While surrounding counties are opening swimming pools and water parks to keep kids cool and out of trouble this summer, the conservative Ozaukee County...

Mequon’s Newest Celebrity

What does it take to put Mequon on the map? Success in Hollywood or politics? Being the home of sports legends? A launching pad...

An Open Invitation to Idle Journalists

In response to the sad demise of great, traditional newspapers like The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the editor of the burgeoning new- media newspaper, The Mequon News,...

Is It Time to Kiss Your Ash Goodbye?

The first official detection of the dreaded emerald ash borer in Wisconsin occurred on August 1st, 2008, in Ozaukee County. Despite the state's best...

Mequon Cat Addicted to iPad

It’s a summer day in Mequon and there’s plenty to do outside – chase field mice, climb trees, catch bugs, lick yourself in the...

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Canine Unit Controls Rowdy Celebrations

Mequon's investment in establishing a crackerjack canine department has paid off this weekend during the 105th Harley-Davidson Anniversary Celebration. Crowd control, which has always...

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LAS VEGAS TRAVEL REPORT: 9 Things Mequonites Should Avoid!

Our TMN investigative travel team has recently discovered nine hazards best avoided by traveling Mequonites: 1. Donny 2. Marie 3. Sidewalk puddles (on a sunny day) 4. "Free...

Under the Melting Mequon Snow

Temperatures near 50 degrees and mostly sunny skies changed the mood and the landscape in Mequon on Saturday. Neighbors were outside walking dogs, jogging, biking...

TMN Eliminates Traffic Reports

The Mequon News announced that it was downsizing its staff today by one, citing the current economic downturn and the fact that written traffic...