Humans Overcrowding Mequon Dog Park


The Mequon Canine Commission, charged with determining whether the city’s only dog park is overcrowded and whether creating a second dog park is advisable, came to a stunning conclusion on Monday. After several visits to Carpenter Park and numerous late meetings at the Centennial Bar & Grill, the Commission concluded that the park was indeed congested, but with humans, not with dogs.

“At any given time, there are at least three humans there for every pooch!” slurred Albert Mensola of Thornapple Court.

Their suggestions? Restrict the human-to-dog ratio to 1-2. Encourage “dog-pooling.” Construct a fence perimeter with doggie-doors so people can drop off their animals, but cannot loiter in the park.

Because the City of Mequon currently has just one designated dog park, Carpenter Park on Zedler Lane, complaints of overcrowding have been pouring in to city officials. Early attempts to search for a site to accommodate another park for dogs have been thwarted by neighborhood activists who do not wish to sacrifice their “people’s park” for the smell, noise and pollution of “an open mutthouse.”

The Mequon Canine Commission’s conclusions are only advisory and will be considered by the Ozaukee Animal Counsel at a June conference at the bar of the Highland House.