Is the Mequon Mayor Trivial?


If you live in Mequon, what exactly do you know about your mayor? For most Mequonites, the answer is probably close to nothing – and that includes his name. In fact, there is evidence that indicates knowing the mayor’s name is actually a trivial concern, barely worth a dime.

Stop by Caribou Coffee in Mequon today and you’ll find the Trivia Question of the Day, which usually asks something like what is the official language in Singapore, posted on the wall behind the register. Today, you just need to know the Mequon mayor’s name. The reward for this trivial bit of knowledge is 10¢ off your order.

And what do you get if you’re aware that in some circles he is known for being a rubber stamp for any and all commercial development and Concordia expansion? Well, that and $5 will get you a large soy latte, low foam, extra shot of espresso.

Oh yes, the mayor’s name is Curt Gielow.