LAS VEGAS CELEBRITY REPORT: Has Glenn Close Lost Her Mind?


img_0464b1While enjoying a tasty lunch and a glass or two of wine at Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio Bar & Grill in The Venetian’s Grand Canal Mall, the TMN celebrity investigation team spotted a familiar, statuesque actress loitering nearby. Wearing white paint on every inch of her exposed skin and a long, white draping gown, the talented, Oscar-nominated actress Glenn Close stood on a pedestal, pretending to be a statue. She ignored the questions this reporter shouted out to her, not even acknowledging them with a polite, “No comment.”
Is she researching a new role? Or is she simply pandering to the tourists for tips and gambling money? The investigation will continue – but in the meantime, we wish Ms. Close all our best – and good luck!

Editors note: Postrio Bar & Grill has closed since this article first appeared. No word on the status of Ms. Close’s pedestal work.