VOTE MEQUON to Address Injustice!


The surveys have arrived and the race has begun. It’s Mequon vs. Thiensville for the “Actual City” name for the 53092 ZIP Code.

So what is really at stake? While mail will continue to be delivered to both 53092 communities regardless of whether Mequon or Thiensville is listed in an address, the Postal Service database will default to the “winning” city when addressing 53092 mail. For those of us living in Mequon, that could mean no more stacks of mail identifying us as Thiensvillites. (Or is it Thiensvillians?)

So what’s the big deal? Is this just typical Mequon vanity? Not entirely. Maybe a bit. But before you dismiss the self-image concern as shallow or meaningless, how would the average Milwaukeean feel if all their mail arrived with Racine listed as their hometown? Or Cudahy? Or Beloit? And how would the Hatfields feel if all their mail arrived identifying them as McCoys?

The fact is there are over 18,000 Mequon residents and less than 4,000 Thiensville residents. The change should be made simply to address accuracy and fairness.

The argument has also been made that the address inaccuracy is damaging to Mequon businesses. GPS systems direct geographically challenged, potential Mequon customers erroneously to the current 53092 “Actual City,” Thiensville. And the Internet ZIP Code Database grossly misidentifies Mequon and Thiensville in population and average household income because that “Actual City” designation is essentially an anomaly. In other words, the growing, vibrant City of Mequon is being handcuffed by a database confusion with its quaint, diminutive cousin, the Village of Thien.

The opportunity to right this wrong is now sitting in that stack of mail on your granite countertop, proud Mequonite! Fill out your survey and check Option 2 – Change Actual City Name for 53092 to Mequon. And please be sure to mail it in soon; it must be returned to the Postal Service by November 28, 2011!