Mequon Crime – Bustin’ Out of Mama’s House


Every week, TMN tells the story of one remarkable crime, based on the files of the Mequon Police Report – one crime that stands out as particularly vile, or dense, or oddly instructive. This week’s lurid story begins with a worried mother, struggling to keep her troubled 17-year-old son on the straight and narrow.
It’s a Friday evening, February 26. She knows he’s out partying, and has a pretty good idea where he is. So she goes to the home of one of his punk-ass friends on West Rolling Field Drive and finds him there, drintmngunking beer and smoking weed. She will not leave without him. He is forced to leave his lurid little party and goes home with her.
He storms up to his room – angry, embarrassed and wasted. He thinks he should be treated like an adult, so he throws a tantrum like a spoiled, snot-nosed brat. He punches a hole in the wall, kicks out a window, and jumps down from his second-story room. And where does Einstein Junior go? Right back to West Rolling Field Drive. This is one cat who will fight for his right to party.
Enter the Mequon Police Department. They go to the home on West Rolling Field Drive and find Lil’ Einstein there with four other underage dudes and one lame underage chick. Alcohol, beer, drugs and paraphernalia are all out in plain sight. The whole lot of them are arrested for underage drinking – and one special boy took the charges for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Oh, and lil’ Einstein picked up an extra charge for damage to property and got some treatment for his boo-boo.
Good luck, Mom. You got one year to jam some sense into Junior’s head – or kick him out on his keester with a one-way ticket to Thiensville Skid Row.