Mequon Crime of the Week


Every week, TMN covers one remarkable crime from the files of the Mequon Police Report – one crime that stands out as particularly vile, or inane, or oddly representative of the less evolved, less honorable side of the human family.
This week, meet a 35-year-old Illinois man who doesn’t just live on the edge; he lives on the triple edge. On a recent Tuesday in February, this unsavory fellow – let’s call him Harry Jowls – was arrested on two counts of theft for pocketing more than $140 of Gillette Fusion items from Gold’s Pick ‘n Save on Port Washington Road. Further investigation found another $60 worth of Gillette products in his car, which he had taken earlier from a Walgreens.
Now, good grooming is admirable and brand loyalty can be a wonderful thing. But a man crossing state lines, driving into our comfortable suburban community, and stealing our valued shaving products is simply unacceptable. Mequon relies on being well-groomed and professional, and will not stand for selfish, cutthroat behavior.
On top of the brazen thievery, “Harry” was also found to have been driving without a valid license. Then, when arrested, he had the nerve to identify himself as his brother, apparently to avoid being picked up on an existing warrant.
A 29-year-old River Hills woman, who was traveling with this immoral Illinoyance, was cited for obstruction after she also lied about the man’s identity. Clearly, not very sharp – but the perfect match for a thieving, bare-faced liar.TMNgillette