Mequon Declares 2009 “The Year of the Squirrel”


The Mequon Common Council today approved a measure honoring the familiar, friendly, bushy-tailed rodents we all know and love. 2009 shall hereby be known as Mequon’s Year of the Squirrel.
After the session, Alderman Dick Nurgent rushed to clarify just which rodent this city is saluting.
“We didn’t spell it out, but we’re honoring the big, fluffy gray squirrels, not those mean, little red squirrels. I hate those bastards.”
Alderwoman Jeanine Rhodums, a co-sponsor of the bill, shared a special memory, perhaps revealing some of the motivation for her unrelenting support. “When I was around seven or eight, my uncle used to trap squirrels and keep them in cages. My brothers and I named one Sawbuck and we’d visit him and feed him Twinkies and candy raisins. He was so cute. After about a month, he chewed off his little leg and died. We were so sad.”
The Ozaukee Squirrel Fancy Association (OSFA) is currently soliciting private donations to create an eight-foot, polycarbonate squirrel, which would then be left in Thiensville.