Mequon Library Leads with Loaner Kindle


As the first library in Wisconsin offering to loan Amazon’s Kindle 2, Mequon’s Weyenberg Library is bringing a reading revolution to its patrons. And Thiensville natives, who are also eligible to borrow, will be able to use the text-to-audio feature to have books read to them.

The Kindle 2 is a popular, lightweight, digital reading device that can hold the equivalent of over a thousand books, and can subscribe to digital versions of newspapers and magazines. For now, the library is loading the Kindle 2 with ten book titles, including Wuthering Heights and a new Stephen King novel, UR, written specifically for the device. The library would not confirm whether special titles for Thiensville patrons would include Green Eggs and Ham and Everybody Poops.

While no one expects the Kindle to replace the printed page in the foreseeable future, digital reading devices do offer many conveniences and technical advances that make reading and accessing books very easy and comfortable. For those eager to try it out, don’t expect to just drop in to the library and pick one up – there is reportedly a 25-person waiting list that is continuing to grow. But you can sign up now at the Weyenberg Library at 11345 N. Cedarburg Road. Borrowing is limited to a one-week duration.