Mequon Mourns the Loss of Rabbit Ears


Today marks the transition of analog television to digital TV. To honor the end of a technological era, The Mequon News staff held a public candlelight vigil late last night, saluting and burning old TVs and rabbit ears in a black-smoke bonfire. A least seven Mequon residents joined in, not counting the friendly, concerned fire and police representatives.

At midnight, the low-wattage The Mequon News Channel 2.5 went off the air forever. TMN Editor Doc Benson has long opposed digital broadcasting, claiming it made no sense to transition to DTV since most viewers were online anyway.

“I’m going to miss TMN Channel 2.5, but with the advent of remote control units, few viewers would bother turning the dial halfway between the 2 and the 3.” said The Editor.

TMN will continue reporting the news from the ‘burbs to the world on