Mequon to Favre: Play for the Rams


Quarterback Brett Favre has once again announced his retirement, this time from the New York Jets. Many remain skeptical, though, that he will truly call it quits. A small group of lubricated patrons at The Highland House, who have dubbed themselves “The Mequon Sports Authority,” are among them – and they have a vision.
“Brett Farve should play for the St. Louis Rams,” declared Tom Boosch, a MSA leader. The reasoning goes like this:
Love him or hate him, Favre inspires incomparable passion among football fans in Mequon and throughout Wisconsin. If he joins the Rams, he will train with the team at Mequon’s Concordia College, which just happens to be a couple of blocks from the Highland House. Interest will rise, crowds will swell, commerce will thrive, and people will be able to cheer and jeer with unprecedented zeal.
The MSA plan makes some sense from a strategic standpoint for the Packers, as well. Should Favre come back for a miraculously productive season, it still would not likely take the lowly Rams to the playoffs. A poor season from Favre would virtually prove the theory that the Packers made the right move in trading him. And neither fans nor the Packer organization would have to endure the nightmare scenario of watching Favre play in a Vikings or Bears uniform.
But isn’t it impossible for Favre to play for another team at this point? “Not so,” insists Boosch. “The Jets won’t trade him because of how much they would have to compensate the Packers if they did, but Favre could ‘unretire’ again, and his high salary cap number could force the Jets to release him.” Should this happen, Favre would be back on the open market.
So in the interest of Mequon and the rest of Wisconsin, as well as the entire Packer organization, the Mequon Sports Authority is taking action.
“We’re going to take up a collection to launch a campaign,” says Boosch. You know, mail Brett some letters, a signed petition – maybe even some free Rams merchandise. And I don’t know if he’s drinking now or not, but I’ll offer to buy him a Guinness and talk some sense into him.”