MEQUONOMICS: Wines Decline, Brews Lose


With the closing of Grapes & Grain, perhaps the premium wine and liquor store in Mequon, the community suffers a sharp, swift blow to its economy, lifestyle and spirit. Not since the March closing of the Harry W. Schwartz Bookshop have Mequon consumers felt such an emotional sting from the overall downturn in the economy.
Many stunned wine and cocktail connoisseurs in the area – and at The Mequon News – are left with a palpable void and lingering questions. Is the recession truly to blame? Isn’t the spirits industry supposed to be immune to economic slowdowns? Where can I go for wine advice, tastings and exotic beers? Who else in the area sells Vox Vodka? Will somebody please buy me a drink and tell me everything will be alright?