No County for Old Meds


Four counties in the metro Milwaukee area have banded together to help citizens safely dispose of expired medications – because, really, what county would be FOR old meds?
April 18th is Medicine Collection Day for Ozaukee, Milwaukee, Washington and Racine counties. Residents can drop off prescription and over-the-counter medications from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at their designated sites. The Mequon location will be Milwaukee Area Technical College at 5555 W. Highland Road.
So gather up all those pills, ointments, sprays, inhalers, pet meds, and suppositories and pop them in the supplied disposal bins. If you flush them down the toilet, they enter the wastewater – and treatment plants can’t remove all the meds that flow in. And goodness knows this reporter doesn’t want to ingest your Lamisil, Lipitor, and Syrup of Ipecac when he drinks tap water. (And if Poppa is going to ingest any Cialis or Viagra, he wants to make sure there’s no Dulcolax in the mix.)
The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District, Veolia Environmental Services and The Mequon News urge you to participate and celebrate Medicine Collection Day.