North Shore Cinema Will Be Kind of a Big Deal


Marcus Theatres® proudly announced today that its North Shore Cinema in Mequon will soon become a big, fat destination for metro Milwaukee’s entertainment dollar. With a 70-foot-wide UltraScreen®, a free-standing Italian restaurant, remodeled auditoriums and a deluxe cocktail lounge, the only things missing are leather-bound books and the smell of rich mahogany.image

Oh, and that restaurant they’re featuring? That would be a Zaffiro’s, creators of one of the finest thin-crust pizzas in the region. Of course, this is the North Shore, so I believe they are required by law to call it a “Ristorante.”

Renovations arecurrently over 80% finished, with a final completion date falling somewhere in May – just in time for the 2009 summer blockbusters to be released.

Some members of this fine community will certainly be concerned with the volume of spectators, motorists, revelers, and loiterers the renovated theater will attract. But this editor rather looks forward to grabbing a cocktail, aiming for the upper-level VIP reserved seating section and plopping his suburban derriere into a memory-foam cushion seatwith an adjustable reclining back.

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