Rams to Pass on Mequon


The St. Louis Rams will not be returning this summer to Concordia University in Mequon for summer training camp, the team announced this week. They will instead train in the St. Louis area to stay close to their fan base and to make their camp a more miserable place to train.

Last year, the Rams experienced fair weather conditions throughout their stay, with temperatures never exceeding 85 degrees, cool lake breezes and unusually low humidity. The idyllic suburban atmosphere was nurturing, the dorms were comfortable and the training facilities top-notch. Players felt cared for and deeply content. And the Rams ended up with one of the worst records in the NFL.

So now, in an attempt to rebuild, the Rams organization is abandoning Mequon, Wisconsin to create a training camp that will inspire more misery and hardships for the players. Their hope is that a long, hot, brutal camp in the St. Louis area will be just the thing to build the toughness, resilience and desperation that will inspire excellence.

Best of luck, Rams. Mequon wishes you a wretched training camp and a successful season!