Buying new shoes can be an exciting pastime – euphoric even. It starts when you first lay your eyes on the perfect pair, extends to trying them on, and thrills you all the way up to the first test drive in public.
I think pretty much every woman would admit that we have more shoes than we need. Shoes have become more than a necessity – they are a form of profound individual expression. Shoes can often make or break an outfit. Sometimes, I’ll pick the shoes first then head out on a mission to find an outfit to wear with them.
I recently purchased a pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction black leather loafers with a slight rubber wedge heel called “Oh So Very…” Couldn’t wait to show them off to the world. Very trendy, with clean smooth lines and a low enough heel that could even pass with skinny jeans.
Before I wore them to work, I bandaged my heels knowing full well there is an intense break-in process on some shoes. I proudly strutted down the halls, passing onlookers, thinking I was the envy of all. I pompously paraded my new shoes to the cafeteria and stepped lively up the stairs to my desk.
After a few hours, I prepared to go to an offsite meeting. As I got up to walk to the ladies room, it hit me like the axe whacked the limb in Misery. The pain was excruciating – my feet were screaming at me – I thought everyone around me could hear the cries of agony.
I looked down at my bandaged, now bloody heels and wondered how I would make it through the day in these god-awful, torturous tourniquets. Holy mother of everything sacred, I had to get these shoes off and never put them on again! I hobbled into my manager’s office and simply told him that I could not walk again. He may need to go on with out me.
In order to assist me and my newfound handicap, he drove around to the front of the building to pick me up at the front door before we ventured to our meeting. He did ask me the obvious question. Didn’t I try them on in the store? Yes, in fact, I did. They were a little stiff, I admit, but I figured pre-emptive bandaging would forgo the need for a wheelchair.
If you believe in Karma like I do, lesson learned. I got my comeuppance for my bravado and exploitations of Kenneth Cole’s Reaction “Oh So Very…” black leather shoes. Needless to say, after enduring the meeting with my poor (now swollen, bandaged & bloody) feet, I hate new shoes Oh So Very.


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