When I told my friend and editor of The Mequon News that I wanted to write my own column, I didn’t expect that he would begin squashing my creativity before I could even write my first article.
Here’s the thing. I had an idea to write a tongue-in-cheek, point of view column in which I share my perception on random topics. While he liked the subject of my proposed first article, The Editor (I now refer to my friend as The Editor) balked at the my proposed heading of the column, “The Way I See It.”
Because I proposed my first article be about how I hate new shoes, he thought that my column should be called “Things I Hate.” I like to think that I have a more positive perspective. While I may occasionally rant, I will focus on common topics that people can relate to, but with insights that I hope are unique and enlightening.
This is where I’d like to ask the readers for their vote. Would you like to read my column titled “Things I Hate” or “The Way I See It?” For now, I will write under The Things I Hate heading, while hating The Editor for restricting my creative juices, stomping on my ego and suffocating my imaginative and inspired ideas.
Coming up next…I Hate New Shoes.