TMN Scores Exclusive, One-Sided Interview with the Back of Robert Duvall’s Head!


IMG_1561Accomplished actor Robert Duvall was not granting interviews on the red carpet of the opening of the stunning new movie, The Road, at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday. But dogged determination by The Mequon News did accomplish the next best thing. Several questions were directed to the back of his head from about 20 feet away, so we’re sure he heard most, if not all of them.
Among the questions Mr Duvall refused to answer: Are you coming to Mequon? Are you coming to The Milwaukee Film Festival? Where were you when Michael killed Fredo? How did it feel to be that goofy Sling Blade guy’s father?
Contact information was also shouted out to Mr. Duvall during our interview, so we’re eagerly awaiting him to contact us with in-depth answers.
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