Tourism Board Makes Mequon a Magnet


In an attempt to lure tourism dollars from the far reaches of the state, the Mequon Board of Tourism today announced a bold initiative for the Spring/Summer 2009 season. Board President Brad Feffer outlined the parameters of the targeted plan at a sparsely attended press conference held in the Logeman Community Center after Brunch ‘n’ Bingo. “With cities like Waupaca and Rice Like pouring hundreds of dollars into tourism advertising, the competition for sweet tourist dollars has escalated. We cannot afford to fall behind in this economy.”
With the recent closings of several local businesses, the Board has chosen to include several linchpin Mequon attractions in the tourism promotions, along with a handful of exciting newcomers. The “Love Bird Escape” weekend package includes two nights at the Chalet Motel (in a second floor room), a pair of tickets to a matinee at the North Shore Movie Theater, and a $20 voucher for the exciting Pizza Hut/Wing Street in the Mequon Pavilion. Feffer believes this deal will be too hot to pass up at the reasonable price of $120. “I only regret that our launch missed the Valentine’s Day weekend. We do, however, hope to capture a big Sweetest Day crowd, whenever that happens to be,” said Feffer.
While most members of the Board are optimistic that these offers will bolster the local economy, some have expressed concern. “We have never taken such drastic action,” said Regina Knight. As a longtime resident of Mequon, Knight and her husband Henry are uneasy about the attention this initiative is sure to attract. “I only hope the city is not overwhelmed,” she continued, “this isn’t Brookfield, I mean, we do have standards here.”