We ARE Mequon!


In a landslide victory, Mequon postal customers have captured the Actual City name of the 53092 ZIP Code from Thiensville. With a 69.3% (2,832) to 30.3% advantage, voters overwhelmingly chose to change the decades-old Thiensville designation, which inaccurately represented the majority of residents.

As a result of the survey, the U.S. Postal Service will make database coding changes that become effective January 12, 2012. The changes essentially mean that mail generated by ZIP Code-based databases will now default to Mequon as the city name instead of Thiensville. In other words, frustrated Mequonites will no longer be forced to endure being addressed as Thiensvillians by random national entities. Also, many websites will now default to Mequon as the city designation for 53092; no longer to the diminutive Village of Thiens.

Thiensville residents can still be proud that their Post Office name remains Thiensville, Wisconsin, 53092 and that their mail will continue to be delivered from that location. And of course, all 53092 residents still have the option of using either Mequon or Thiensville with their current mailing address without fear of obstructed delivery.