TMN Movie Review: Gravity


We live in an era when the draw to go see a film at a theater is more of a social decision than an experiential one. For the most part, you can be just as entertained at home watching movies or TV shows – or playing video games.

Here’s an exception. Gravity is a uniquely cinematic experience. You cannot feel this blown away at home. Literally.


The Good

Director Alfonso Cuarón, a team of hundreds, and a cast of two have created a breathtaking and dazzling thriller. The film grabs you early, builds to a frantic pace and never lets up. Be prepared for a continuous barrage of terrifying threats – spontaneous explosions, a slow, drifting death into vast nothingness, high-velocity space debris, and country western music being forcibly piped into your space helmet.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll probably catch yourself looking for the controller under your seat. The film ultimately is a series of challenges in which characters fight there way to the next level. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney do a fine job with their mostly one-dimensional characters, while the film’s 3-D effects are masterfully applied to enhance the beauty and amplify the terror. You’ll be mesmerized, clenched, shocked and exhilarated, and it will all be over too quickly.


The Bad

Sandra Bullock does a fine job as space technician Ryan Stone, but we’ve seen her adrenaline/distress reactions before in Speed. This character carries some pre-event emotional baggage that gives her a bit more gravitas, but it’s scripted at some points to feel a bit contrived.


The Ugly

3-D effects are great, but 3-D glasses suck. Who wore them before you? Why are the lenses always smudged? They may or may not have been sitting in a pool of disinfectant – I hope that’s why they’re a little wet.


TMN 20-Star Assessment

17.5 Stars!